Single Camera 3D Position Estimation

RobotAI develops AI based software that transforms any camera into a 3D measurement device. It detects objects and extracts their position and orientation from a single image, single camera.

We provide 6 numbers for any known object :

  • position X,Y,Z

  • orientation angles A,B,C


  • Detects and provides position and orientation of any object in a single image frame

  • No additional image processing or object detection is required

  • Can work with any camera : WebCam, Industrial, Professional, Smartphone, you name it

  • Can detect objects from 1 mm to 100 meter size, just adjust your camera optics

  • Can be used with translucent, reflective and shiny objects at different light conditions

  • Small size, low weight, low power consumption sensor

  • Can be used and installed in any place, applicable for toys, robot arms, drones and manufacturing

  • Fast, upto 30 detections per second using GPU, no 3D point cloud processing

  • No more algorithm design, just update your dataset

  • Fast deploy time, couple of hours

  • Low cost sensor