Single Camera 3D Position Estimation

RobotAI develops AI based software that transforms any camera into a 3D measurement device. It detects objects and extracts their position and orientation from a single image, single camera.

We provide 6 numbers for any known object :

  • position X,Y,Z

  • orientation angles A,B,C



  • No point clouds

  • Using NVIDIA GPU can run 30 frame/sec

  • Fast object tracking


  • Define objects for robots without coding

  • Any camera : WebCam, Industrial even Smartphone

  • Working range could be easily adapted

  • System setup


  • RGB camera allows to use different optics

  • Getting close to the object allows submillimeter position accuracy


  • Uses low cost sensors

  • Can run on a computer with GPU or NVIDIA JATSON

  • No additional equipment

  • Competitive software pricing

Convert your sensor data to meaningful objects with 3D positions in space

Comparison to Active Vision Sensors

Comparing RGB and active vision sensors like RealSense or LIDARs reveals that active vision sensors have their own problems:

  • Noise

  • Shadows

  • Working distances

  • Sensitivity to materials

  • Blindness to textures

At the end - you need to find an object in the point cloud

Object Examples