Pick and Place problem : object "Pick" and "Place" positions are not fixed 

Single Object 3D Localization

Single plastic part

Metal polished part

Small and reflective bolt

Multiple Objects

Almost any object type

Small and reflective bolts


Random Bin Picking

Bin picking of small parts

Small bolt picking

Bin picking of reflective parts

Palletizing and De-Palletizing

Carton boxes

4 object pile

Multiple similar boxes

Translucid, Laminated, Reflective 

Translucent and Reflective 

Polished and Reflective


Machine Tending

Exact positioning 

and picking

at production

Forklift and Pallet Docking

Pallet relative position 

At different places

With loads on top

Precise Positioning

Connector positioning 

Fast tracking

Electronic Board Alignment


Mushrooms grow process

Leaf detection for deleafing robot

Flower cutting point estimation

Additional Applications