Easy to Test Software

Test using recorded movie or your webcam

It is designed to test the performance of your computer. It should detect GPU automatically. If GPU is not detected the frame rate will be low and the image will be scaled and small.

Test Software Installation Instructions

1. Open the link above and download the exe file and instructions. It is 0.3GB file so it will take a while. We are trying to spare from you different installation complexities.

Read the Pose6D-User Guide for POC pdf.

2. After the download you should see:
Pose6D-XXXX.exe file. Double click and allow windows to run this file.

3. Extract usb_test.zip file to a directory, say C:\RobotAI\Parts\usb_test.

In Pose6D software select :
Menu > Project > Select Object Directory> and select C:\RobotAI\Parts\usb_test

3. To verify that installation is OK, in Pose6D software go to:

Menu > Detect > Run Video from File>
and select file in ..\usb_test\videos directory

You should see a picture as shown here.

4. The following window should appear. You can select which camera to use going
Menu>Camera>Select From List > Webcam - 0
Double Click.

Then press : Menu>Camera>Connect>

If any issues, please consult the maual attached.

5. In Pose6D software go to:
Menu > Detect > Run Video from Camera>

It should open a small window with video stream from your camera. Point a USB plug as shown on the right. You should see the detection.

7. To finish video or camera stream and exit the software just press "q" on your keyboard.