3D Vision Simplified

Detecting objects and their 3D positions by using a simple RGB camera

RobotAI software performs 3D pose estimation from a single RGB image

Assuming that the camera is calibrated and the object is known

RobotAI creates a single model per object

The main benefits of working with a RGB camera and one model:

How do you teach machine to recognize your object?

Object Scanning

Scan your object from different positions and angles using a single RGB camera. 

Model Generation

Use the recorded image data to annotate it and then create the object model using AI.

Position Estimation

The object model is used to detect objects in the images and calculate the coordinates.

Connecting to your robot

Camera, Computer and TCP/IP, MODBUS, REST API connection

We provide hand-eye calibration for any camera installation options

Use cases in manufacturing

Robotic arm and AGV control


Machine Tending

Guided assembly process, best-fit assembly

Object Detection/Counting

Trajectory following

Pick and Place objects at specific locations using robots

Activity monitoring